Friday, April 9, 2010


I am a ramshackle plant,
You know baby,may the next rain-
ramp on me like a ruptured devil!

I am a rebel
You know baby ,I will kill this rebellious groom
He had tried to smell me as a flower!

I am a gust stream,
you know baby ,you can't
gyve me as a lover!

Where were the row of Gulmohar trees?
I recall that nostalgic smell of valleys!
Wait a moment...
I wish to be nomad there..

From were I had seen this luminous face!
O man!! you are!
Do not lurch me,because
we are the immodest rope ends!!

But! please do not try to touch me baby,
I am a fatal febrile flower!
Oh! you are taking my flimsy arms!
God! this is my indefinable resurrection!
So,this is my infrangible kiss on your forehead!